2012 AT Thru-Hike

About Me

My name is Rob Heltzel, originally born and raised in Mississippi, I’ve been living in New York with my brother for the past year working as a contractor for WebMD. My Contract with WebMD* is ending at the end of March, which is convient because this is around the time that I would like to begin my hike. There are many things that I enjoy in my spare time which include sports, music, and web/graphic design.


Growing up I spent a lot of my time in the woods four-wheeling and biking. I never really had the opportunities to hike around Mississippi due to the lack of adequate trails and the absence of Mountains. (We just have large hills) While in college I set out on my first legitimate hike, which was the Appalachian Trail. I spent 5 days hiking from Amicalola Falls to Neils Gap. After that spring break I was hooked, I was able to meet a few people on the trail and from that week on I wished that I could keep hiking towards Maine. This past fall I took a miniature hike from Pawing, NY to Bear Mountain, once again the AT.


There are many things that I plan to gain from this adventure.

1) Get closer with God and my spirituality, along with learning more about myself.
2) Set a goal and accomplish it by overcoming all obstacles that are put in front of me.
3) Meet some great people along the way. (this will be my third time on the trail and every time I have met some sincere and genuine people)


I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2011 and received a degree in International Business, Banking and Finance, along with a second degree in Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Spanish.

* (Internet companies are great to work for; friendly work environment, large open spaces, Friday bagels, and spontaneous lunches provided by the company.)


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